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EDAgency  - Trade and Investment Knowledge Hub tracks and monitors market, sector and company trends for those companies looking at exporting to Europe and for European companies entering the US market.

For EU cities/regions our geographical and sector based staff helps us identify and qualify the best companies to engage with. Our aim is to achieve better conversion rates. We bridge the gap between location propositions and corporate needs.

EDAgency has delivered more than 100 campaigns across international markets.

For companies, we offer a One Stop Shop of market entry support that reduces your risk while servicing your clients. 

EDAgency was formed in 2011 and has a team with global experience in Sales and FDI (foreign investment). Our team's experiences in working with both the public and private sectors gives them an ideal perspective on how to do things in a more unique way. A key element to this lies in building the right team with the right skills.


Boston, Atlanta, New York, California


Our team is made up of expert sales executives who work with companies to develop their overseas sales and marketing strategies.  We provide Business Development and Market Entry services in a flexible and efficient package of support.

Combining market experience with our cultural understanding of the business environment in both North America and Europe, we can bring unique value that delivers your requirements.

‚ÄčOur agency has a highly personalized approach as we recognize the importance of trust and transparency necessary to build and implement expansion strategies, whether a US company looking to expand its global presence or a foreign company needing to develop its direct sales in the US market.

Our network of partners operates in a variety of sectors which enables us to provide clients with the exact package of support which reduces risk while at the same time increases revenue with in-market brand representation and an On-Demand sales force. If you are not yet ready to set up your own office in a foreign country, then we can help!

EDAgency's operations across the US include an HQ at the world renowned Cambridge Innovation Center in MA and regional offices in Atlanta, New York and California.

We will be more than happy to discuss how and why our model works for clients.